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Enabling Analytics (Google)


The Hosting-Platform/Control Panel allows for Google-Analytics Integration.


  • Consider Privacy and GDPR/…. Implications
  • Complete the Google-Analytics Registration and Setup at

Google Analytics 

  • Visit the Google-API Console with your Web-Browser
  • Go to: APIs & Auth > Credentials to create a new OAuth Client ID
  • Create new Client ID to generate a new API ID and Select Application type > Web application
  • Select Authorized JavaScript origins, enter the suggested origin under Account > Settings
  • Click Create ID and Copy the Client ID  generated (Required for Setup!)
  • Authorize access the Analytics API via APIs & AuthAPIs
  • Click on Enable API if it is not enabled on your account

Web-Hosting Control Panel

  • Visit Account > Settings
  • Under Control Panel enter the Client ID generated into Google Analytics API Key
  • Save Changes
  • Visit Web > .htaccess Manager
  • Edit Domain/Sub-Domain to add integration
  • Select Add Directive to expand the dialogue
  • Under Personality select “PageSpeed”
  • Configure Pagespeed to use your AnalyticsID
    * Directive select ModPagespeedAnalyticsID
    * Value enter Analytics ID
    * Klick ADD
  • Configure Pagespeed JavaScript Injection
    * Configure Directive to ModPageSpeedEnableFilters
    * Configure Value from Analytics ID to insert_ga
    * Add and Save Changes
  • In AccountDashboard. Click Access Google Analytics Button to authenticate.

Important: if you see “Error: origin_mismatch”, then you have incorrectly entered the Authorized JavaScript origins.


Go to Account > Settings > Control Panel section > Google Analytics API Key and  Delete to remove API key access. This will automatically disable the integrated Analytics.




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