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What is your allocation/assignment Policy for IPv6?

General Clients

We follow the “a /48 for everybody” approach.
This means that you will be able to get a /48 IPv6 for every site you operate.

For every client purchasing LIR services we reserve a /44 and we assign the first /48.


A client that requests a /48 for their site in the Netherlands.
We reserve 2a10:9902::/44 for the client.
For the .NL location, we assign a2a10:9902:1::/48
Later, the client opens a site in Germany and is assigned a /48 from the previously reserved /44 (ie: 2a10:9902:2::/48 ).

ISP (Internet Service Providers)

For Internet Service Providers, we initially allocate a /40.
We recommend ISP clients follow the “a /48 for everybody” approach as well.

Based on justification or usage, a larger allocation can and will be made.

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