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Services purchased on MyRoot.PW are considered “unmanaged” unless specifically stated otherwise.
This document serves to give you an idea of what different support forvarious purchasable services looks like.
This document is not to be considered as complete or authoritative under any circumstance.

For Dedicated Servers

You will receive the following from MyRoot.PW:

  • Login Credentials (Management Console + IPMI/KVM/BMC Access OR Temporary Access to a KVM-IP Unit)
  • Network Details (IP-Address(es), Netmask, Etc...)

All Administrative Tasks (Including setup, software maintenance and configuration, more are all the responsibility of the client)

For Domain(s)

“MyRoot.PW provides access to the following:

  • Domain Registration / Renewal Panel Options
  • Domain Settings (EPP-Transfer Code / Lock, etc...)
  • Default Namservers (Optional)

For Web Hosting Products

MyRoot.PW maintains and manages the following:

  • Control Panel-Web-Hosting Facilities (Web Server, Database Server, Etc...)
  • Mail Facilities (Mailserver, Spam Filter [rspamd], Etc...)
  • DNS Control Panel (For default Nameservers)

This DOES NOT include any services such as web design, software installation, or configuration. All of these are the client’s responsibility.

Custom Offers and Managed Offers

If you are looking for custom services, please create a ticket with information based on what you specifically need.
Should you purchase a custom package, please consider the following limitation:

  • Anything not installed or configured by MyRoot.PW is considered the client’s responsibility and, as such, is not covered by the support agreement.
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