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When you attempt to make a payment, a new transaction is created in our system.


Below are the various order statuses and their meanings:

  • Approved
    The Payment-Transaction was successful. 
  • Declined
    Your Payment-Transaction was unsuccessful.
    Example: Your credit card gets declined during checkout.
  • Error
    An error has occurred during payment processing. You may retry or open a support ticket.
  • Pending
    The Payment-Transaction has not completed yet.
    This can be the case when using payment methods that are not instant.
    (Or when extra fraud control measures are being taken by the payment processor.
    Example: Most Go-Cardless Transactions take 3 to 5 Days to complete.)


  • Refunded
    Your Payment-Transaction will go to this status if you are bing issued a refund.


  • Returned
    This is very similar to a refund. A return only happens at the level of the payment processor, and is not within our control.
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