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Borrow KVM/IP (Lantronix Spider)

This Guide covers the topic of borrowing a KVM/IP Unit when IPMI Access is not available.

(MyRoot.PW uses Lantronix Spider.)

=====>>Rental Cost:

  • Initial Server Setup: FREE for 12 Hours.
  • Rental Fee (general): Fee is 25 Euro per 12 Hours.


  • Open a Ticket in The Client Area!
    • Provide the Server/Service ID or IP-Address
    • Specify a preferred time-frame (ie: 7 pm to 7 am)

(If you need a ISO on a USB-Drive please specify this in the ticket!)


When you are Granted Access to the Management-Access Service, you will be issued:

  • Management Access URL
  • User/Pass for the Access_Host
  • User/Pass for the Lantronix Spider KVM

=====>>Accessing the Panel

  • Open the Management URL with the Browser

Addressbar for Management GW

  • Enter your User/Pass for the Access_Host

Management Access Host Login

  • Login to the Spider KVM Interface

lantronix login

  • Launch the Console (Klick on the Preview)

Launch lantronix html5 console

  • Ensure Scaling of the Video Output

Lantronix Video Preferences


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