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FTP-Server Access


FTP is a protocol that allows you to easily upload, download files for your web site.
It is the recommended method of file-management and offers more flexibility than File Manager from the ControlPanel.


FTP follows the same login as e-mail and other services on your account.
Your login is of the form: username@domain. 


Note: A common problem is that some FTP-Clients interpret the @ from your username wrong.
In such cases try to replace the @ with # (example: username#domain).


Connection Example

First we will take a look at Example Log-In Credentials. Afterwards Example-Screenshots of WinSCP, Flash-FxP and Cyberduck are provided.

  • Example-Credentials:
  • Example-Username: myadmin
  • Example-Domain:


Therefore the FTP-Log-In is as follows:

  • Username: or
  • Server:
  • Port: 21
  • Protocol: unencrypted or Auth TLS (explicit)


Note: There may be a Certificate message/warning when connecting with TLS.


Recommended FTP-Clients:

  • Windows: WinSCP, FlashFXP
  • Mac: Cyberduck, Finder (Shortcut: Command-K)
  • Linux: ftp (cli), gFTP, Filezilla
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