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Using Add-On Domains


An add-on domain is a domain that can be used in addition to your primary domain (specified when ordering the package).
Some plans like “Regular” (5) and “Large” (10) support more adding add-on domains. 


Important: Before proceeding update your Domain NS-Records to the nameservers provided by MyRoot.PW

Add-On Domains can be configured/added in DNS > Addon Domains. There are a couple of tunable parameters:

  • Domain Name: The name of the Add-On Domain
  • Document Root: The Directory from which content will be served for this domain

Advanced Options:

  • Enable E-Mail Routing: Select this to enable e-mail for the domain. (this can also be done later in Mail > Mail-Routing)
  • Web-App Preload: Here you can choose to directly install a web application such as WordPress.
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